Training :

Our Trainings are designed for following Three levels of User:
Entry Level – where the user has no prior knowledge regarding Business operations or Accounts.
Business level – Has Business knowledge but does not have Software knowledge.
Entrepreneur level – Entrepreneur’s who wants to have a general knowledge about the applications.

If you have Basic computer skils , Basic Accounting knowledge & read the manual, we believe you will be able to operate the software smooth & easy.

Following is our schedule for regular trainings. Kindly book your seat for regular training sessions.

 Product                              Training Schedule

 Accounts Assistant –GL 1st Sunday of Month 3days x 2 Hrs total 6 Hrs.

 AccountsAssistantNet -  2nd Sunday of Month 3days x 2 Hrs total 6 Hrs.

 Storekeeper – 3rds Sunday of Month 6days x 2 Hrs total 12 Hrs.

 Bill Clark – 1st Tuesday 2 days X 2 Hrs Total 8 Hrs.

 SalaryClark – 4th Sunday of Month 3 days X 2 Hrs Total 12 Hrs.

 SchoolClark – As Required.

 MicroCreditManager – As Required.

 Basic Accounts 1st Wednesday of Month 2 days x 3 Hrs total 6 Hrs.

Please fillup contact us form for training request.