Meet our directors of :

Mazedul Islam: Founder : MBA AIUB, M.Com (JU). Product Idea, Marketing Team.
Mahbub Alam: CA (PIII) , M.Com (DU). Product Idea , Business logic & Software design. Implementation Team.
Farid Uddin Md. Akbar: BCS (Pune), MSC (Information Systems, Uk). Core Programming. Technical Director.

We believe our products will increase your business efficiency and will give you the competitive edge over your rivals. Our software are Transparent, thus can not be tampered with by the users. We are always reviewing our Systems for any errors or omissions. Also we will be improving our software to latest technology when ever a better option in available. We don’t jump to new technology asap . We take our time & wait till technology is tested & found in order. We try our best to provide best possible service but how ever due to technical problems (Web or Server) some times our customers do suffer. We there fore request you to keep a minimum manual recording system that documents the very basic records (Invoices, Money receipts, Accounting Vouchers etc.). Thus after service is revived you can enter these docs asap & continue your operations with out further delay.  Thank you for your trust in us, you are our first priority.